Accessory Products

Reference Code Description Package / Parcel (Pcs)
VSH1 VacuSEL® Normal Holder 100/2000
VSSH VacuSEL® Safety Holder 50/800
  • VacuSEL Accessory Products meet all requirements at the highest level by supporting the user together with other products you need in blood collection.
  • VacuSEL Holders are fully compatible with VacuSEL Needle and Blood Collection Tubes.
  • Our holders are made of hard plastic and all sample tubes can easily fit into our holders.
  • The tip of our holders is screwed so that normal and safe needle tips can be screwed into the holder completely and tightly.
  • Our Safety Holders protect healthcare workers against the risk of needlestick

VACUSEL® 2020 Product Catalogue