About Us

SEL Medical Materials, founded as a company engaged in the trade in 2008, focused its activities on the medical materials in order to fill the gaps in the production of medical materials in Turkey by benefiting from the experience it has acquired.  

Our company, which decided to start the production of vacuum blood collection tubes in 2013, contacted the world’s leading manufacturers and received consultancy services from professionals who are experts in their fields. Considering the latest production Technologies, continuity of production, international quality standards, CE directives and market expectations, a special production model has been created to meet all of these expectations. Our production area has been specially built by specialist and experienced manufacturers of machinery and equipment to be used in production in parallel with the model created. Thus, the company has become capable of producing in a quality that can meet the increasing demands around the world by going beyond being able to manufacture medical equipment in Turkey under international standards only for Turkey.

Our company completed trial productions at the end of 2014 with its expert engineers, technicians and employees. By partnering with many companies that provide clinical laboratory services in both public and private sectors, our products have been used with great satisfaction in making diagnosis in such parts as Biochemistry, Hormone, Hematology, Immunology, Serology, Coagulation and they continue to be used with increasing demand. Our products work seamlessly with many different brands and models of analyzer devices. We are also in an effort to carry our quality further with our field visits and R&D studies. Interest in our products continues to increase day by day, both inside and outside the country. Our company has taken a worthy place in the market.



It undertook as a duty to provide solution-oriented service to its customers with its fully automatic machines, modern equipment and experienced engineer staff in line with the principles of good production practices and in line with CLSI (Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute) recommendations in the ISO 8 (Class 8, Class 100.000) clean room production area.

The standards and directives we are subject to in our Production Process are as follows:

  • Our products have CE mark in line with 98/79/EC external diagnostic directives.
  • Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015
  • Quality Management System of Medical Devices ISO 13485:2016
  • Disposable containers for sampling of human blood ISO 6710:2017 / EN 14820:2004
  • Medical devices – Application of risk management to medical devices EN ISO 14971:2019
  • Symbols to be used in medical device labels, labeling and information to be presented ISO 15223:2016
  • Clean rooms and their associated controlled environments EN ISO 14644:2016
  • Clean rooms and jointly controlled environments – Bio-contamination control EN ISO 14698:2003
  • Measurement management systems – Requirements for measurement processes and equipment EN ISO 10012:2003
  • Packaging for ultimately sterilized medical devices EN ISO 11607:2017

Our Environmental and Occupational Health Policy

Sel Medical Materials is an organization that takes care to fulfill all the measures required by international standards in the field of Environment, Occupational Health and Safety. Our main goal in this field is to comply with National and International legislation and standards in our activities and to fulfill our social responsibilities.

Being aware of the fact that we have borrowed the world we live in from the next generations, our policy is to act in order to be one of the leading companies in the health sector by prioritizing worker safety and health without compromising our quality policy with our understanding of production that is sensitive to human, nature and environment.

Our Quality Policy

Sel Medical Materials maintains its understanding of quality service by following scientific and technological developments and using up-to-date standard methods recognized nationally and internationally. As a company identified with quality in our industry, it undertakes to provide the necessary financial, technological and human resources in order to provide quality service, to comply with the requirements of the QMS standards and to continuously improve its effectiveness and to abide by the terms we promised you by not only protecting our current situation, but determining continuous improvement at every point as our basic philosophy. In this direction, Sel Medical Materials Industry and Trade Co. Ltd. combines its knowledge and experience in providing quality and technical products in the medical sector with the needs of the health sector and offers its production activities in line with the ISO 13485:2016 quality standard.

Sel Medical Materials has adopted the following items as its Quality Policy.

  • Documentation, certification and continuous improvement of our quality management system to meet the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard,
  • Achieving targets of the company and unit in team spirit, based on the philosophy of Total Quality,
  • Determining preventive approaches that will improve our performance by reviewing our business processes with the self-assessment process,
  • Increasing the efficiency of all our processes to a level that can compete internationally in line with the continuous improvement approach,
  • Continuously increasing product variety and market share by following the innovations in the health sector, ensuring the highest level of efficiency of profitability, becoming one of the industry leaders and being ahead of its competitors,
  • Providing healthy and safe working environments to its employees, reinforcing the sense of corporate belonging by increasing training, communication, responsibility and motivation opportunities,
  • Creating awareness of social responsibility such as the protection of the environment and living things, contributing to its protection and development.

Mission & Vision

By placing the principle of protecting health, which is one of the most important human rights, in our focus, it aims to grow by contributing to the national economy with its ever-growing capital, high-tech machinery and modern management understanding, by continuously increasing its quality, observing work safety and environmentally friendly production with an entrepreneurial and innovative dynamic expert team that constantly improves itself in line with international standards and directives, the most advanced technology with a holistic understanding of quality.

Why VacuSEL?

Advantages of VacuSEL Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes:

  • Hygienic, safe and comfortable blood sample collection thanks to the vacuum system
  • Valid test results thanks to the correct blood-additive mixing ratio
  • Consistent, optimally and correctly filled tubes at all times
  • Vacuum adjusted for precise fill volumes
  • Standard color-coded caps to aid identification
  • Low contamination risk thanks to the closed system
  • High quality and innovative products
  • Resource (supplier) diversity
  • Perpetual Stock
  • Fast and flexible delivery
  • Cost Optimization
  • Reliable service
  • Technical support for laboratories
  • Staff education